We offer a comprehensive range of consulting and story development services, all driven by that same guiding principle of helping Filmmakers commercially succeed through high-impact and innovative concept development. Profitable ideas that last a long time, don’t have to take a long time to develop. Our streamlined approach allows us to get to transformative ideas faster.

The services, resources, and tools we provide are meticulously created for Filmmakers, by experienced Hollywood Filmmakers. Our global network of 35,000+ entertainment industry professionals and partners include business leaders, investors, mentors, government resources, and more.  Our collaborative development structure outline with our Filmmaker clients is as follows:


We think the most important step in an agency’s process is listening. Access to speak with stakeholders, decision makers, directors, producers, and marketing teams is key. This includes learning from existing research and data as well as possibly planning new research.


Learnings will be filtered by a team composed of a strategist and creative team. By putting this team together during the beginning of our process, we filter what is pertinent from a business point of view, and what will lead to a new strategic idea.


Welcome to the dream phase where media, strategists, and creative teams share their ideas freely and build on each other’s expertise. During this stage, we can also test strategic directions among target audiences.


Development ideas are shared and worked on with the client team. The idea needs to be a part of a client’s DNA. Ideas that last are ideas that fit a company, its people, products, and services. Such ideas can organize and energize the client’s objectives.


A winning Business Plan is like a blueprint and must be optimized continuously. As the project takes shape we seek input and make refinements. Depending on new data and insight, new ideas will emerge and shared with our clients pro-actively.


We test, research, and analyze our work to improve creative and communication. We make sure the elements individually and collectively deliver.


You are now poised for growth with fresh well-crafted content packaged together in a consistent look that enhances your project’s presence, delivers new customer insights and unlocks new business.