Social media influencers, registered dietitians, grillmasters, and more seasoned home cooks make up our enthusiastic squad of 100+ brand ambassadors. This diverse, food-loving crew spans the U.S. geographically and represents many different cultures, ethnicities, and family makeups. Since 2021, the Tipstor® Pros have created tens of thousands of original recipes, photos, and reviews plus shared their cooking expertise via flat and video content on our website, social media, plus more marketing channels.


The Tipstor® Pro team is the world’s largest community-driven food site and our  give a voice to the more than 60 million home cooks who visit each month. From meal planning to smart grocery shopping to seasonal cooking trends, this group of power users is regularly tapped for their subject matter expertise. In short, the Tipstor® Pro team make all our home cooking adventures more successful.

“I was a side hustle blogger and a home cook with dreams of something bigger. I’m now a full-time content creator, seasoned recipe developer, and two-time published cookbook author. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the experience I have gained creating recipes for Tipstor® and being part of the Tipstor® Pro team program.” — Tipstor® Pro Team Member: Maria Eva Hernandez


Get Plugged In: Love our brand? As a Tipstor® Pro you’ll get behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of new and exciting launches, features, recipes, promotions, and products.

Call the Shots: Feedback from our community fuels us—we are the site that was built for and by home cooks, after all. You’ll have countless opportunities to tell us what you think and help shape the future of the program and the brand.

Grow Your Network: Connect with Tipstor® Pro from all over the country, trade cooking know-how, learn about food media opportunities, and attend exclusive Tipstor® Pro events and social meet ups throughout the year.

Expand Your Brand: As a Tipstor® Pro and brand influencer, you’ll be regularly featured in promotions on our website, marketing channels, and our Tipstor® magazine. Your cooking prowess and brilliance will be exposed to new audiences in the tens of millions.

Make a Buck: Looking for a side hustle? Your talents in recipe development, food photography, social media content creation, and video production will be rewarded through brand-and-client sponsored projects, PR events, and monthly prizes.

Join the Tipstor® Pro team and you’ll be creating content for America’s largest digital food media brand!

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